Travelling with a broken heart

Project Description

Travelling with a broken heart is a photographic project that I started almost two years ago. It is about a taught year that I spent between 20015 and 2016. I was literary prisoned in a relationship and when I decided to stopped it I started to travel to feel free once again. This is my vision of that journey.

01.  Idea

The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, for me, were tough times. I decided to end a toxic relationship and change my entire life. I was devastated and so was my heart. I passed through the darkest time of my life. The only thing that kept me alive was travel. I discovered that searching for new places and meeting new people was the best medicine.

02.  Subject

My view of things was different from the actual one. I took pictures of all the things that took my breath away. Landscapes, sculptures and people.

03.  Tool

I have always thought that the most important thing in photography is the perception of tiny, little things. I don't believe that a great camera makes the difference. The capacity of seeing and capturing something that other people can't see is the magical power of a great photographer.

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Travelling with a broken heart