Grathious Records

Project Description

Grathious Records is an independent house music label. I planned a campaign whose goal was to improve the visibility of the artists and to increase the number of purchases on digital music services like Spotify and iTunes. An active social media presence was the main point of the campaign.

01.  Facebook

I started building a Facebook account and a Facebook Page. I did research on the most popular groups in house music and I started to send friend requests to increase the number of people from around the world interested in electronic music. I posted two messages a day sharing the songs of the artists and writing creative content. I tried to speak with other people in the music business and I started a campaign with Facebook Ads. In almost two months I increased the number of Facebook friends from 0 to 1,000, sales have increased by two-thirds and profits have doubled. It was the main goal of the campaign.

02.  Twitter

Twitter is also an important tool. The marketing campaign was focused on increasing the number relevant followers, creating an active audience, developing retweets and likes.

03.  Youtube

The music business now focuses on social networks to gain popularity for new artists. YouTube was necessary for Grathious records. With a team of video makers we created many music videos. The purpose was to have video material to share on social networks.