Marino Zorzato

Project Description

Between 2011 and 2015 I worked on a political campaign for Marino Zorzato who was the councillor during that time. The campaign promoted the Venetian region’s department of culture, sports, town-planning and information technology through different media, including television, radio, print and online platforms.

01.  web content

The website was relevant to built an archive of all the news about the Councillor and the Department and to collect articles and announcements. The website was divided into different sections (culture, sports, town-planning and information technology). Contents were updated daily.

02.  Newsletter

Creating a connection with people was essential as it allowed us to develop a sort of relationship with them and also increased website traffic. The newsletter allowed us to send emails to a select group of people with a personal layout and communicate with readers directly. The topics included periodic updates, news, promotions and events. While our newsletter was useful in getting attention from prospects, its primary importance was maintaining ongoing connections with contacts and existing customers weekly. I used MailChimp and WordPress plugins.

03.  Social Media

An active social media presence was the main point of the campaign. Facebook was necessary to publicly interact on walls and communicate privately with people.Twitter excels in short message bursts, event updates, blog post pushes, and breaking news. YouTube was important to post interviews and videos about activities and media events. Flickr was a great place to be and exposes picture of events. opening ceremonies, conferences ecc. to an important network.