Col Cappio alla Gola

Project Description

Col cappio alla gola is a project I created in 2010 while completing my master’s degree in journalism at Padua University.

In 2009 Italy was affected by a strong economic crisis. Istat reported that this year the number of employed people in Italy decreased by 380,000. This reduction more significantly affected male workers (approx. 274,000 men became unemployed) compared to female workers (105,000). In the same period, the number of economically inactive people aged 15 to 64 also rose by an average of 2.3% on an annual basis (+329,000).

During this time a series of suicides and suicide attempts highlighted the dramatic impact of the economic crisis occurring in Italy. These cases involved different types of people who shared a common inability to cope with life under existing social conditions. Those who committed suicide included chronically unemployed workers, people who had recently lost their jobs or had been otherwise unable to make ends meet, as well as indebted small business owners. This group not only included individuals but also couples and families, both younger and older workers, immigrants and Italian nationals. Some of these incidents took place in public in shocking fashion, while more frequently people took their lives while hidden from view, leaving friends and neighbours to find their bodies.

This project has been started to remember all the casualties of this financial crisis and to support the victims’ families.

01.  Content

I started a deep research of articles, content and information about suicides and suicide attempts using Google alert, Facebook and Twitter. Than I started to call suicide prevention offices to find out how someone could be helped and what the right way to go about doing so was.

02.  Web Design

When I created this website I thought that it needed to be simple, clear and easy to read. My target viewers are people used to reading newspapers or those interested in statistics.Therefore, I decided to use a WordPress platform built with a simple theme, modified by Css, including boxes with the main topics. The site’s logo was designed by me and its title is related to the subject at hand. “Col cappio alla gola” means literally “with a noose around your throat”.

03.  Social Media

I discovered that in the Twitter community there are several groups dedicated to suicide prevention, so I linked a Twitter widget to the website, thereby increasing web traffic by 20%.